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BIO Doll Renee

Hey guys, Renee here. I'm 17 years old, just graduated High School and heading to college within two weeks. I really don't judge as strange as I look and dress, really, I get along with mostly anyone. In high school people labeled me as "Goth" but honestly, I'm like everyone else. I like a lot of basic things really, music,  Tech, parties, and other things. I like Chanel, Prada, Gucci, but that's to rich for me.. Anyway, I'm a Tripp Chick, I wear Hot Topic clothes, which is why I'm called Goth. I like being different, wearing platform boots, fluffy tutus, "stage make-up", and dying my hair multi-colors. Any other type of clothes I tried wearing just didn't feel right, or didn't fit right.. I'm a curvaceous chick, so shirts for me are usually tight on my chest, drives me insane, Along with having an ass >:[ ...

Did I mention I'm  a bit Short-Tempered? Happens sometimes when I'm around my house a lot. I'm living with 7 other people, and that isn't a lie. My parents, My grandmother, my 23 year old brother, his Girlfriend and their two children. It's my number one stresser, they really know how to get under my skin. Hopefully my 18th birthday will go alright, because by then I'm going to get my permit, so I can start driving. The faster September comes the better! That'll be the day..

Now to post about my relationship status :l I am Single. I've never really had a great relationship, most boyfriends were sex craved, or rude.. Oh but hey, I'm virgin, trust me.. 

To end things, I guess I'll say this~ 
If you wanna know anything else about me just add me, leave me a message, or comment~
This has been your daily dose of BIOHAZARD Chem.

-BIO Doll

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